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We have been Landscaping Whitby homes for almost 10 years. See some of the beautiful landscapes we’ve created around your Whitby neighbourhood.


It takes serious skill for Whitby landscaping companies to bring your landscape dream to life. †That’s why you must make sure you hire a team of professional landscapers & designers with years of experience. †As one of the leading Whitby Landscaping Companies, we have built a 5 star reputation by creating some of the most timeless and impressive landscapes. Without realising it, youíve probably admired some of our work.


As the leader in brick & stone work, if you can imagine it we can create it…….

  • Natural Stone

  • Retaining Walls

  • Stairs

  • Walkways

  • Driveways

  • Water Features

  • Fireplaces


Beautifully build landscaping can increase the value of your home, create a better way of living and quality of life. †Itís hard to think landscaping can do all that but have you ever been to a beautifully landscaped home? †Far more comfortable and inviting, isnít it?


There are many Whitby landscaping companies around, we get that. †What sets CBX Landscaping apart is our unrelenting commitment to designing the absolute best landscapes of the absolute best quality products and processes. †This ensures our landscapes maintain there quality look for years to come and arenít effected by weather, shifting, movement and drainage which is caused by poor quality construction.


CBX is one of the largest contractors of Natural Stone work. †Natural Stone can give a rich, rugged, extravagant look and isnít susceptible to many of the long term ageing effects interlock & brick work tend to endure. †Natural Stone looks luxurious from day one and will stay that way forever. Ask about designing your landscape using Natural Stone, you’re will be impressed.


Itís about the little things. †Making your landscape standout is all in the details; from planning, design, lighting, sprinklers, planting & gardening. †We look at the project from every angle and little detail. †Following this belief is what has built our reputation as the leading Whitby Landscaping Company.

by Owen Birchall

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interlocking brick with natural stones features

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