It’s Too Cold & Dangerous | Let Us Hang Your Christmas Lights


With the Christmas season being as busy and frustrating as it is, we know the last thing you want to do is hang Christmas lights.  Every year people spend days sorting through old tangled strings of christmas lights, only to find half the bulbs don’t work and then you or a loved one needs to climb onto a dangerous icy roof ending up with a house that looks less than impressive.


CBX Contracting understands this; this is where Let Us Hang Your Christmas has come from.  Our passion of creating great looks and beautiful displays will be sure to impress not only neighbours but passerbies.  All this while ensuring your family remains safe and warm during the Christmas season.

What We Do?

  • Supply all lights including: Garland, Wreaths, etc.
  • Custom fit & Install for a clean, customised look that’s sure to impress
 the neighbours.
  • We remove the lights pack them neatly away at the end of the season
  • We maintain them throughout the season. replace bulbs, change strings, etc


At The End Of The Season

  • We remove the lights
  • Pack them away neatly
  • Store them until next season


Ask our customers and they will tell you, It’s our unrelenting commitment to create stunning outdoor areas of the highest standard.


Let Us Hang Christmas Lights for you is a division of CBX Contracting.  We stand behind our promise of exceptional workmanship and service in everything we do.  Our standard of customer service and quality of work has earned CBX Contracting its leading reputation.  With over 10 years experience servicing the Durham Region & GTA areas, CBX sets the standard for delivering quality service and value.


For our passion of creating areas that your family and friends will be sure to enjoy and remember for years to come, our business is built on the back of ensuring customers are happy.  There is no business better than referred business.

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